Online Procrasta-Dating

The Internet has been at the forefront of change in many ways throughout the 21st century. Entertainment has moved online, conversations happen in an instant through social media and now meeting people has never been easier. This post would seem a little late to the party talking about how dating has been made incredibly efficient through online means but this will post will talk about how online dating has aided in the rise of Netflix and online entertainment.

Online dating had reached its peak in 2014 and 2015, it was at this time in 2015 that Netflix’s usership skyrocketed. It is to my firm belief that there is a distinct correlation with the rise in online dating and Netflix users. Evidence for this can be seen from the socio-cultural impact from Netflix and Chill replacing traditional dating conventions. (Doing my best not to sound old) People used to be so much more extroverted with what they did not more people identify as an introvert simply because with the Internet everything has come to our fingertips. From shopping to online dating one hardly needs to leave the comfort of their home to do anything. Everything in the world has become cheaper and easier to access. Instead of shopping we use amazon, instead of meeting people we use tinder and instead of going to the cinema we watch Netflix. Much like the Fordian construction line, the Internet has enabled human beings to become much more efficient than ever before. Online dating platforms like tinder can allow a person to find a date within minutes searching through hundreds of girls rather than hours at a bar with limited room. The way this relates to dating is the fact that dating has become so much more expensive than people are bothered to spend, ‘Netflix and Chill’ became a popular trend during the rise in online dating as it offered an easy way to interact with a partner whilst avoiding awkward conversation and enabling the two to get close enough and if they want have sex. Netflix and Chill suddenly became the hotkey for quick sex. As said earlier this is the fordian world of dating; how proud Aldous Huxley would be.

When we compare rise in online dating membership between 2013 and 2015 we can also see how the phrase Netflix and Chill made its way into cultural slag for sex. It was in 2013 that Netflix started its streaming service where at the same time according to Netflix and chill was a rising phrase on Twitter while also conveniently for Netflix was the same time according to tinder started marketing itself to collages where they gained over half a million downloads over night. By 2015 when Netflix and Chill became official jargon for sex, suddenly online dating stopped being for the needy and became a popular and efficient way to meet new people overnight.

The way that Netflix has managed to evolve from a service that only fulfils its audiences entertainment needs has been phenomenal. Netflix has become a part of people’s lives in the dating world. As we consume more and more entertainment television, it has become a key way in which people form strong relationships. People will more likely ask if you watched Game Of Thrones last night than if you saw some event on the news. This has had a powerful effect on the way that Netflix has managed to attract its consumers in the online age. In a study about Netflix and love life by Forbes, 58% of participants said they would rather learn about someone over Netflix than coffee.

This is just another way in which the Internet has changed our social lives. I am not one to complain, this is not a post to criticise how the world has changed. It is just a comment on how the world is progressing in social issues.


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